Congratulations, Graduates! Celebrate Your Achievement with Tiny Pies® 🥧🎓


As graduation season approaches, it's a time for reflection, celebration, and looking toward the future. For us at Tiny Pies®, it's also a moment to reminisce on our humble beginnings and the journey that brought us to where we are today.

Did you know that Tiny Pies® has its roots deeply embedded in the University of Texas at Austin?  It's a little known fact but back in 2011, when Kit and I launched Tiny Pies®, Kit was working as the House Mother at the Tri Delta sorority house on campus. When the opportunity arose for us to sell at the farmer's market, we faced a challenge: we needed a kitchen but lacked the funds to invest in a commissary kitchen of our own.

Luckily, the administration at Tri Delta graciously allowed us to bake from their kitchen during off hours. And so, for the first few months of Tiny Pies® history, we crafted our delicious pies right there on the UT campus.  We will always be forever grateful to Tri Delta sorority. 

Over time, as Tiny Pies® gained traction and success, we were able to move into a rented commissary kitchen but our ties to UT remained strong - - fueled not only by our initial launch on campus but also by our pride as UT alumni

To honor this special connection and celebrate all the UT graduates this year, we've crafted something truly unique: specially curated Tiny Pies®  gift boxes wrapped in UT-centric congratulatory belly bands. Each box of Tiny Pies® comes adorned with edible miniature longhorns on top, and for the 12-pack box, special "2024" cutouts embellish the pies in the middle row. It's a stylish and delicious way to mark this significant milestone in your life.

As you embark on the next chapter of your journey, whether you stay in Austin or move away to pursue your dreams, remember that your roots will always be here. So celebrate your achievements with style, savoring every bite of Tiny Pies® as you look ahead to a bright future.

Kit and I congratulate all the graduates. Hook'em Horns! 🎓🤘🥧



Co-founder, Tiny Pies®