Behind a Strong Man...

March 6, 2019
International Women's Day is the perfect day to recognize how far women have come in business but it's also a time to reflect on areas for improvement.  
Did you know…
About 30% of businesses in the U.S. are owned by women, but only 2% break $1 million in revenue. Those owned by men are 3.5 times as likely to reach that million-dollar threshold. (Forbes, 2015)
As a 100% woman- owned company, I feel very fortunate to be leading a company that is a part of the 2% and even more proud that we are contributing to our local economy. 
We couldn't be where we are without the wonderful and faithful support of the Austin community.  We are so grateful that Austinites have embraced Tiny Pies. 

Amanda, Founder and Owner, showing her strengths in front of our Strong Man at Tiny Pies - South Lamar in Austin, Texas.

I encourage everyone to learn about other women- owned businesses  in our community and make a point to support them so that many more will leap past the $1 million in revenue.  
We chose a  "strong man" for our logo, but don't be fooled... "Behind every good man is a strong woman".