Girls Only: Galentine's Day Party

February 7, 2018
There's nothing quite like good girlfriends.  May it be your long-time bestie,  a work wife, or even a new mom buddy, that female community is a special one - and one that should have it's own holiday.  Oh wait.... it does. (Thanks, Leslie Knope!)

February 13th (yes, the day before Valentine's Day) is recognized a day for ladies to celebrate other ladies.  Ditch the dudes, grab your squad and go toast to the good times!

Sure, Galentine's Day is cheesy - but if your brother gets a public shout out on National Sibling Day, shouldn't the girl(s) you've selected to be your ultimate gal pal and confidant be celebrated, too?

The gift...

Go all in #BFF-style with our Tiny Pies 4-pack.  Flavors include one of each: Apple, Cherry, Chocolate Cream, and Texas Two Step.  Available for pick-up at either location beginning Friday, February 9th.  Get it, girlfriend.

Our BFF 4-pack. includes L to R: Apple, Texas Two Step, Cherry, and Chocolate Cream

The party... 

Oh, and if you really want to blow things out of the water for your best lady, join us at Adelante Boutique on Saturday, February 10th for extra special, girly, bubbly fun. Click to RSVP.

Pssst- for the other "just-as-important-people" in your life, check out our Valentine's Day goodies. here.  Order through Monday, February 12th.