I Love You, Mom: A Letter to Kit

May 9, 2018

I am proud to be a part of a woman- owned business, but most especially a mother-daughter business. Just like mom...PIE nurtures your body and soul. 

The best job I've ever had is being a mom...and I know Kit feels the same.  We are proud of all our success with Tiny Pies but we're most proud of our family. 

Me and Kit, years before we'd begin on our pie dream.

Seven years ago, Kit and I launched Tiny Pies and started a new chapter in our lives.  I can't imagine embarking on this journey with out her by my side. 

I'm so thankful for her support but most importantly for her love and friendship.  At 76, Kit is the most amazing business partner, mom and grandmother that anyone could ever have.


Pictured Below: Left: My grandmother, Geneva Seay, and Kit, age 2.  (You can thank Geneva for our Pecan Pie recipe!) Right: Years later, my grandmother and Kit, likely enjoying coffee after their dessert.

Happy Mother's Day today and always, Mom!  We all love you very much!


Me, my sister, and both of our babies.