Love at First Bite!

January 17, 2019

You guys know that pie brings people together, right?

Call it a made up holiday if you want, but Valentine's it's as much of an excuse to celebrate joy as any.  And... we'll take it!
There are so many ways to show your love, and we'll never say there's a better one than pie.  Our products really do tell all. 


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Love Letter Hand Pie

A 4"x5" edible valentine! Made with tart cherry filling wrapped in our golden crust.  Gift box included.


Assorted Pecan Pie Bite Box

A 12-pack of three bite-size pie flavors.  A perfect alternative to the chocolate box and much more fun! Flavors include: Pecan, Turtle, and Chocolate Cherry


Heart- Shaped Tiny Pie

Like a Tiny Pie, but much, much cuter. Choose between Chocolate Cream, Classic Pecan, or Cherry. Gift box included.