Not So Tiny Spread

November 12, 2018

It’s no secret - we love small things.

(Hell-lo - we’re Tiny Pies, afterall!) There’s beauty in the individually-sized pie. Explore flavors, please the masses.

But we must admit, we also love a good tradition. Sometimes people are simply partial to what they know. That’s why this holiday season, don’t forget that at Tiny Pies, we can also do Not So Tiny Pies. And this year, they’re coming at you in six different flavors:

Pecan Not So Tiny Pie

Cherry Crumb Not So Tiny

Not So Tiny Apple Crumb

Chocolate Cream Not So Tiny

Not So Tiny Pumpkin (or Vegan Pumpkin!)

Your Future Spread

And don’t forget - if you’re early enough in the game, we can get real fancy.

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All images by Annie Ray Photograhy.