We Have the Perfect Pie for Your Lunch Box - Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie

August 18, 2019

So this is a very special school year for me as my youngest son Andrew will enter his Senior year in high school and my oldest son, Lucas will enter into his Senior year of college. It a bitter sweet time in my life for sure.

Transitioning from summer time to back- to -school has always been hard. I love the long summer days, and the casual - slow pace of summer and I especially enjoy the less hurried nature of our family during summer time. Starting back to school marks the hand of time …and it means getting back into a daily routine. I’ve always packed my son’s lunch for school and this year will be the first year that I won’t have a lunch to pack (as my son will be able to eat off campus this year). As excited as I am to not have this chore anymore it’s also a little sad for me as I recognize how fast the time has gone. Event though Andrew and Lucas might not have a sack lunch on their first day of school I’ll make sure they have one of our PB&J pies.

Our PB&J pie is the perfect treat for anyone who love peanut butter and jelly. Our PB&J pies is loaded with Concord grape filling in Tiny Pies crust and topped with a crisp chewy peanut butter cookie on top. The perfect lunchbox treat.. whether your 5 years old or 55.

Pick them up in-store at both locations beginning Aug 19th-Aug25th. Enjoy!!! Please take a photo of yourself or your little one enjoying this pie and tag us @tinypies.