Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2020

A quick google search and you find that Valentine’s Day originated from the Feast of Saint Valentine — which was established by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496 to be celebrated on February 14 in honor of the Christian martyr, Saint Valentine of Rome, who died on that date in AD 269.

Whatever the reason, it’s nice that we have a day that celebrates LOVE. There is no better guiding principal than leading your life through your heart. So on this Valentine’s Day celebrate LOVE by surprising those people that you hold dear with a special treat. And if you need inspiration, we have seven ideas to help you get started…

1) Love Letter Pies - Send a Love Letter ! A 4"' x 5" edible Valentine. Made with tart cherry filling wrapped in our golden, flaky crust. Gift box included. $7.50 each. 

2) Valentine's Day Specialty Message Cream Pie Gift Box - Treat your sweetie to four Tiny Pies. Strawberry Rose', Coconut Lime, Lemon Meringue and Srsly Dark Chocolate. Top with L-O-V-E or  -B-F-F. $18.00

3) BIG LOVE - Not So Tiny Chocolate Cream Pie - $30

4) Individualized LOVE Box - Choose your favorite flavor! - $6

5) Heart Shape Pies - Choose from Cherry, Creme Brulee or Chocolate Cream. Included gift box. $6.50 each. 

6) Pie Full of LOVE.  Give our Not So Tiny heart filled cherry pie. $30.00. 

7) Better than a box of chocolates... give our Pecan Pie Bites ! - Each contains 6 pecan pie bites and 6 turtle pecan pie bites. $15.00.