Tiny Pies - an Official Austin City Limits Festival (ACL) Eats Vendor - 2019

September 5, 2019

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Tiny Pies will be a NEW food vendor at the Austin City Limits Festival Food Court!!!!

One of the things I enjoy most about our City is the amazing live music and there is no better event to hear the best live music than Austin City Limits Music Festival. I’ve been attending ACL Fest since it started in 2002. Back then, I would load my sons in a stroller and walk down to the festival and squeeze in music between nap times.

Since we launched Tiny Pies in 2011 we have always had the goal of being a food vendor at the ACL Festival and we’re so thrilled to be selected to represent Austin at festival this year. So instead of hopping from stage to stage listening to music this year, I’ll be selling pies in our Tiny Pies booth!!!

You have to know that this is the biggest undertaking that my team and I have ever taken on, and even though we’re stepping out of our comfort zone a bit and stretching ourselves, we know we are up for the challenge. We’ve scaled our operation to prepare for the festival.

We’ve pulled together a great menu for the Festival of our fan favorites that I think everyone will enjoy. We’ll be taking both sweet and savory pies and we’re launching a new flavor that will for sure be a crowd pleaser. Here’s our menu: Sweet Pies: tart cherry, key lime, chocolate cream and Texas two step. Savory Pies: spinach, Ricotta and red bell pepper in our cheddar crust. Our Texas Two Step pie just got better… we’re adding CBD caramel sauce to the center. However, if you love our traditional Texas Two Step pie not to worry because you can order it the traditional way without CBD too.

We hope that all of you will visit our booth and help us spread the word about our participation in the festival. We’re hoping to sell thousands of pies over the course of both weekends and hope that you will help us reach our goal.

We’ll see you at the Festival!!!!