Send a Personal Note with Our Message Boxes

September 16, 2019

One of things I dislike most about the Smart phone is that texting has become the way everyone communicates. Yes, this is sometimes super convenient but often times it leaves a lot to be desired…there is no feeling of “real” connection but instead superficial communication when someone can some up the way they feel in an emoji.

What happened to the written word? Writing a letter of better yet showing how you feel by a nice gesture.

We want to help move the dial back the other way…to the good old days of grand gestures and the written word so we’ve created “message boxes”. A message box is a Tiny Pies 12 pack that quite simply has a sweet message on top and we can accompany this box with a hand written note as well.

Ordering is easy through out website ( and we can deliver too.

So the next time you want to say, “Thank You”, say it with pie and hand written note…NOT and emoji.